Happy Almost New Year!

Well, 2012 is almost history.  The new year is just a couple days away.  I don’t know if I’m ready for a new year.  It doesn’t really feel like a new year.  When you are a teacher, you are on a totally different mental calendar!  For me the new year is in September.  June means it is the end of the year…and summer is just the wonderful buffer between the end and the beginning.

In our family, we have our own way of celebrating the New Year.  First off, we tend to celebrate the New York New Year’s Eve. It is just like any other end of the year celebration…it includes standing in the cold, kissing a loved one at the stroke of….9:00 and a ball dropping large burning object.  Most people call it a yule log, but we do things big in north Idaho…we have a yule tree and sometimes some sparklers or leftover fireworks from the 4th of July.  It all wraps up by about 9:30!


After that we just want to be in our jammies.  The girls watch some sort of scary movie (perfect for ringing in the New Year, huh?)  and we curl up with a flick in front of a warm fire.

So, it’s not that we haven’t stayed up until past midnight.  I remember vividly one particular New Year’s Eve not that long ago that seemed to never end.  I didn’t drink any alcohol and I STILL felt hung over the next day.   Not my idea of how to spend the 1st day of the New Year if you ask me.

Shortly after we moved to Rathdrum, a group of businesses in our little town started a new New Year’s Eve tradition.  We have an impressive Fireworks display to ring in the New Year!  It rivals that of the likes of CDA and Spokane.  Winter is the best time to do a fireworks show, no risk of fire and it’s at an earlier hour because it gets dark so much earlier than in the summer.  This makes it that much easier for all the little kids in town to stay up to watch it.

Below are pictures from last year’s fireworks.  If you have missed it in the past, this year might just be your chance.  The show starts at 6:45.  It will be in the field along Lancaster and Greensferry, West of highway 41.  You can park along Lancaster Road.  But not on Highway 41.  You can also see it really well from Greensferry…or if you live in the neighborhood off of Nagel, you should be able to see it really well too.

Dress warm, the low on New Year’s Eve is supposed to get down into the teens!

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