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I don’t get a daily paper.  Sometimes I get one at school…sometimes I will buy one on Sunday when I grocery shop. But the problem is, I get them and they sit on the counter or the table or the kitchen stool (cuz I hate things on the counter and the table) and then I don’t read it because i’m just too busy to read it the day I get it.  So by the time I do read it, the news and ads are old.  Then they go in the pile in the garage and you either take them to the dump or use them to start your fire.

Enter my laptop….I read the news on this handy tool.  And nowadays it is easy to get the ads you want on there too.  This fairly local blogger makes it even easier.  She scours the papers and the internet for ads and deals that would be helpful for those of us in the Inland Northwest.

thrifty mom header

Thrifty Northwest Mom can be found on Twitter, Facebook and all those fun social medias that you could possibly imagine hooking yourself up with.

Today I saw a link to a pretty good deal from Mor’s furniture store on her facebook page and website.  Check the deal out and see if it is something good you could use for your growing family or for maybe changing things up at home for the new year.  Thrifty mom has all the details and the “fine print” listed for you. There is a store in Spokane.  And best of all, if use purchase this savings voucher and use it on a ‘No Tax” sale day you can save even more!!  Click HERE to go to the site

Cutest Cookie Ever!

I just found this cookie on a blog this morning.  They are easy to make…you could probably even do it with store bought cookies if you need something quicker for your kids party or get together.

melted snowman cookie












Isn’t it so stinkin’ adorable?  I found it on a new site I discovered called “Carddit”.  They are totally trying to be like Pinterest.  But I like the layout of Pinterest much better personally.  But if you are looking for something fun and different…you can check Carddit too.

And the Sun Comes Out!

The sun finally came out last night.  I was driving home along the Rathdrum Prairie and got this shot.  It was already cold…and without the clouds it got cold last night!! brrrr

rathdrum prairie sunset wm

Chickens are O.K.!

The long debate over chickens has made another turn.  At the December Rathdrum City Council meeting the council voted it was now O.K. to have up to 10 chickens within the city limits!  The city council took the chicken/egg raising right away a couple years ago.  There was a lot of debate around town at that time.  Perhaps because not everyone who had chickens was a respectful chicken owner. chicken

But a very persuasive 10 year Rathdrum girl, Allyson Chatterton, got the city council to put it back on the agenda.  She is involved in 4-H and wants to raise chickens for her project.  There aren’t too many animals you can raise in town as a 4-H member.  And after debate and a lack of problems cited with urban chicken raising in Post Falls or Coeur d’Alene,  the city council decided to give back the right to be a chicken owner to Rathdrum residents.

There are a few rules in respect to having chickens in town:

  • You can have no more than 10 chickens on lots less than an acre.
  • No roosters allowed
  • The chickens must have a shelter
  • There will be a setback required for the chicken shelter.


Before and After?

I was cruising along facebook, checking out posts on Homestead Survival’s facebook page.  I found a really cool way to store my onion crop next year.  Right after that post was this one:

vodka infusedok, are these for surprising your friends?  For surprising the hummingbirds or other wildlife in your backyard?  For sneaking them into parties and concerts?  Not sure what they are promoting with this post.  But their next post was a bit ironic don’t you think?

vodka part 2

For My Gluten-Free Friends

Found this link to a conversion chart so you can bake gluten free and impress your friends :)

Apparently Gluten-free baking is not all that complicated. Using the chart, you can make your own flour mix by combining the rice flour, potato starch and tapioca starch and sifting it together well.

Don’t add the xantham gum though.  Add the xanthum gum when you make whatever recipe you were going to need the ‘flour’ for.  Use the mix like wheat flour.  You store the mix just like flour.  Easy peasy!

Gluten Free Chart

gluten free chart

Happy Almost New Year!

Well, 2012 is almost history.  The new year is just a couple days away.  I don’t know if I’m ready for a new year.  It doesn’t really feel like a new year.  When you are a teacher, you are on a totally different mental calendar!  For me the new year is in September.  June means it is the end of the year…and summer is just the wonderful buffer between the end and the beginning.

In our family, we have our own way of celebrating the New Year.  First off, we tend to celebrate the New York New Year’s Eve. It is just like any other end of the year celebration…it includes standing in the cold, kissing a loved one at the stroke of….9:00 and a ball dropping large burning object.  Most people call it a yule log, but we do things big in north Idaho…we have a yule tree and sometimes some sparklers or leftover fireworks from the 4th of July.  It all wraps up by about 9:30!


After that we just want to be in our jammies.  The girls watch some sort of scary movie (perfect for ringing in the New Year, huh?)  and we curl up with a flick in front of a warm fire.

So, it’s not that we haven’t stayed up until past midnight.  I remember vividly one particular New Year’s Eve not that long ago that seemed to never end.  I didn’t drink any alcohol and I STILL felt hung over the next day.   Not my idea of how to spend the 1st day of the New Year if you ask me.

Shortly after we moved to Rathdrum, a group of businesses in our little town started a new New Year’s Eve tradition.  We have an impressive Fireworks display to ring in the New Year!  It rivals that of the likes of CDA and Spokane.  Winter is the best time to do a fireworks show, no risk of fire and it’s at an earlier hour because it gets dark so much earlier than in the summer.  This makes it that much easier for all the little kids in town to stay up to watch it.

Below are pictures from last year’s fireworks.  If you have missed it in the past, this year might just be your chance.  The show starts at 6:45.  It will be in the field along Lancaster and Greensferry, West of highway 41.  You can park along Lancaster Road.  But not on Highway 41.  You can also see it really well from Greensferry…or if you live in the neighborhood off of Nagel, you should be able to see it really well too.

Dress warm, the low on New Year’s Eve is supposed to get down into the teens!

newyrrathdrumfw3wm newyrrathdrumfw2wm

North Idaho Local Makes Music

I was playing on Google and found something fun.  A local boy making country music.

mccomb album cover2 mccomb album cover1

His name is Jeremy McComb and from what I can tell from his bio, he grew up in and around Post Falls, Idaho.  He is a talented musician and songwriter.  He worked at a radio station in Spokane where he met Larry the Cable Guy.  This meeting got him a new job as Larry’s tour manager.  He traveled and made some connections and played and wrote music.  He even earned a grammy nomination for a movie soundtrack.

From his first album, 3 singles were released and one of the songs, Cold, broke the top 50 on the Music Billboard Chart.

My favorite is from his newest album.  It’s called Easy as Breathin’.  It’s got sweet lyrics and a beautiful melody that stays with you long past the song ending.  You can download any of his music on I-tunes.  Support a local boy and check out his music!

Here are a couple music videos to go with his first two releases.  He has some clever, fun lyrics and an obvious sense of humor.


Our Lakeland Cheer Seniors–2012-2013

This year’s Varsity Cheer Seniors will have their senior night at a basketball game in January.   This year we have 8 seniors.  7 girls and 1 boy.  Leo’s photography came to take their pictures…but more often than not, somebody is disappointed in how their photo turns out.  So for the Senior Night program, I took their pictures…

Here are our seniors:

varsity sr becca-002

varsity sr kylie-001 varsity sr lane-001 varsity sr bri-001 varsity sr holly-001 varsity sr jessie-001 varsity sr mckenna-001And our only Senior boy this year….

varsity sr justin-001

I don’t have the huge fancy camera that they have, but the girls liked being able to pick which picture they liked best rather than waiting three weeks and hoping that the one Leo shot was a good one.

We are proud of our seniors and very excited that a third of our Varsity squad are seniors this year.  It adds a lot of maturity when we travel and compete.  Thanks Seniors!

Winter Semi-Formal 2012

I remember during high school…the school year was not marked by the months or the quarters, but by the chance to dress up fancy and go to a school dance.  We had formal dances all through the year; Homecoming, Winter Formal, Sadie Hawkins, Junior Prom, Senior Ball.

These dances weren’t in the school gym or cafeteria…we did have some of those too…but these were at nice places and always followed a nice dinner with cloth napkins.

The high school my girls go to has not really believed in too many fancy dances.  The Homecoming dance was right after the game in the cafeteria…very informal when you consider all the football players and cheerleaders are sweaty and dirty.

But fortunately, the parents involved with the booster club came from my generation of school dances.  This year they put together a very nice Winter Semi-Formal.  So we did the shopping, and primping and prepping to get ready for the event.

Last night my camera and I sat for an hour waiting for all the girls to get themselves ‘put together’ for the dance.

It was worth the wait :)  We have girls that wear sweatshirts, jeans and boots by day…but clean up real nice!

They can still be kind of goofy though :)

goofy girls-002


Lots of sparkle…but they definitely out shined even their dresses!


My two girls!  Holy cow they are growing up fast!

our girls2-001

Getting them in one place for a picture took an hour :)  But it was worth the wait!



girls all-001


Then they headed off to dinner…at Taco Bell…before going to the dance. No cloth napkins there!

There are some things that are hard to change….

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