I Break for Cats

So…I have lots to do…lots of pictures to edit on my laptop…but I came across these funny cat ones and couldn’t just leave them sitting on my hard drive.

My daughter picked out this funny little cat toy. Actually I just thought it was a mouse that they bat around.  Oh no, it’s much better than that.  If you squeeze the button on top, it shines a small LED light and when you point it at the floor….

or in this case, the wall…

The cats will go crazy to get it.  No, Lilly is not in the corner in time out…look up on the wall above her and you can see the little red dot.  She loves it!

She will go after it no matter where we point it!

And she will go after this strange, red, glowing bug for quite awhile.  We actually tire of the game before she does!

Cool cat Mo likes it too, but he is a bit more reserved about it.  He won’t climb the walls like Lilly will.

Even our dog Ginger liked it too…but I think they finally figured out it was me doing it…Guess the game is over now…sorry guys…don’t give me that look….I wasn’t laughing AT you but WITH you!

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Eleenie
    Jun 13, 2012 @ 09:25:26

    Haha, great!


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