Big Bear Deli in Post Falls

Today we had no work and no school.  It was a rare weekday that we were all together as a family and that usually means…find a fun place to eat!

Today’s choice:

We’ve known about this deli for a couple years, but just haven’t made it in until today.   It’s located in Post Falls at 700 East 8th Street.  It’s just off Seltice, behind the Napa Auto Parts store.    If you know where Walgreens is in Post Falls…you are almost there!

I’ve grown up going to delis.  They were part of our family’s genetic dna.  But Big Bear Deli has added a yummy twist to the average deli.

Delicious breads…my husband had a marbled rye with his sandwich.  I had a half a french dip…a half  sandwich that was as big as most places offer a whole sandwich!  CC’s BLT had layers of thick slices of bacon.  And they made Q, the picky eater, a simple tuna sandwich on thick white bread.

My husband spent the whole time planning what he would have the next time we come to eat.  The signature bacon cheeseburger looks pretty good :)

Oh, and I am almost forgetting to tell you about the desserts!  Cathy, the owner is also a great baker!  She is the cupcake queen!

This is a picture of some of the ones she had on her website.

Last year she made CC’s birthday cake…oh man was it good!  So today she had some fresh made vanilla cupcakes with a creamy dollop of chocolate frosting and topped with a garnish of bits of toffee and chocolate.

The girls both had one…

Q was a bit pickier with hers…she isn’t a fan of toffee, but she loves chocolate.  She also has a funny way of eating things…

First she picked off the toffee…and you see what she did with it…

She ate the chocolate pieces though.

Then she ate the vanilla cupcake.

Last but not least…she ate the frosting off the top! LOL…It’s always entertaining to watch her eat!


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