Get Your Christmas Bling

I found a great local shop last weekend. It’s called Accent Albums and Gifts.  It’s a little out of the way place. It’s not easy to find, but if you are determined…you will find it.  The store’s address is 7791 Aqua Circle off Government Way in Dalton Gardens.  The building is called the Aqua Center and it’s right on the curve as Aqua Circle curves to the south.

I can’t tell exactly what I bought because I have to keep some Christmas gifts as a surprise from my daughters, which is incredibly difficult now that they are teenagers.   But let’s just say…the girls are for sure going to get their “bling on” with what I found.

The owner, Sherril, has quite a large assortment of purses, wallets,  jewlery, sport signs, clothes, hats, suitcases, sports bags, photo albums and sports related scrapbook supplies.  The tiny shop is filled to the brim…and if you don’t see what you want, Sherril is more than happy to find something to fill your need.

There are lots of great purses!  Lots of bright, fun colors…with lots of added bling of course.

Lakeland’s colors are green and gold…and there is plenty of zebra and paisley…and green of course.

Lots of sparkly, showy, fancy jewelry to add some fancy bling to a neck or wrist!

And fun cheer signs…they have other sports too.  Golf, volleyball, soccer, basketball and more.

And who knew that travel could be so fancy!  If I buy suitcases for my girls, will they take it the wrong way and think I’m trying to get rid of them??  LOL

So if your looking to add a little Bling to your Christmas this year….this is the perfect spot to shop!


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